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Uniting to Expand Access to Care: Body Reborn to Join Project HEAL

We are excited to announce that Body Reborn will become a part of Project HEAL in January, 2024, to expand access to equity-focused care. 


Discover the details of our programming and leadership transition below.

Let's Heal Together.

The restorative space for people of color with disordered eating.


You don’t have to heal alone.

We are an intersectional healing community for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC).

How It Works

Whether you are seeking free, culturally-resonant support or want to contribute, we have an opportunity for you.

Get Support

Access community care - 

for free.

Be a Sponsor

Your contribution can change lives.

Work with Us

Check our career opportunities.

Who We Are

Oppression impacts our health. It changes how we heal. 

Our intersectional healing space is here for you, long-term. 


We are a community of individuals who push for change.

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