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The Community You Need.

A life-long place to heal your disordered eating.

Next Cohort Starts:


We will support you, even when you feel like can't support yourself.


The Healing Collaborative

A free 8-week program for people of color.

Get the commitment, confidence and education you need

to support your journey with food.

Our program consists of three pillars --


Body Liberation

You'll leave with practical techniques to address your disordered eating and a personalized healing plan.


These workshops are designed to provide insight into reasons why strained relationships with food develop, and how you can take your body back.


Peer Support

Our peer support group provides a space for those seeking community on their mental health journey. These sessions will help you build community with like-minded people.


Lifelong Community

We are supporters for life. 

As you make new friends and find an alternative home during our group sessions, we hope that you can consider this community a lifelong source of support.

Heal With Us


We ask for a 2.5 hour commitment per week (8 weeks):

Mondays (1.5 Hours): 7:30 PM ET | 6:30 PM CT | 4:30 PM PT

Wednesdays (1 Hour): 7:30 PM ET | 6:30 PM CT | 4:30 PM PT

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